Want a custom piece to perfectly accent your home or office?
Thanks for your interest in an original Pam Hamilton painting! I love working with clients and designers to create our shared vision for the perfect piece. I work in layers and an expressionistic abstract style. This means that the art not only takes time to create but it is difficult to reproduce the exact same effect. You will always get an original and unique painting.

12x12 | $220
20x24 | $800
24x30 | $1100
30x36 | $1650
30x40 | $1800
36x36 | $1900
36x60 | $3250
With a commissioned piece, you get to work directly with me in creating your painting. Not only can you get a custom size, but also get a painting that is specifically meaningful to you. (The chart above shows standard sizes.)
Here are a few things to keep in mind:
1. I work in an abstract style. So, while you can make color and composition requests, I still need to be free to let the creative process happen!
2. Commission prices are based on $1.50 a square inch. (24x30 is $1,100)
3. I paint on stretched canvas and have a professional build custom sizes. The cost to make a custom canvas is in addition to the above pricing. (24x30 would be around $150)
4. Paintings over 7 feet wide will need to be 2 connecting canvases or 1 piece of unstretched canvas.
5. Color: You can request colors from an existing painting or I can provide a color study for $100 each. The color study uses raw colors so they won’t look like a finished painting. You can also provide me with paint swatches or fabric swatches. (Showing me something on the computer usually doesn’t work for color.)
6. Once we’ve determined the colors and general composition, I’ll start the painting. After a few layers, I’ll send you a photo of the work in progress. That will be your chance to jump in with comments and requests. Towards the end of the painting, it is difficult to make changes so it’s good to take a look about halfway. I won’t send a photo of the finished painting because it never looks the same on the computer. And besides, it’s fun to be surprised!
7. The creation time frame is about 8-12 weeks, depending on size and composition.
8. Chicago deliveries are free if I am already traveling there and $200 for a specific time. Shipping is also available at the standard rate.
My available paintings are based on $1.30 a square inch. I work mostly in standard canvas sizes, with a 1.5 inch profile. Below is a helpful chart on the most used sizes.
Available Originals
12x12 | $180
20x24 | $700
24x30 | $950
30x36 | $1400
30x40 | $1600
36x36 | $1700
36x60 | $2850
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